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What to do this weekend? The Urban Art Bar

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? Something new and different for Girls Night? Well then, you should definitely check out The Urban Art Bar in Southie.

With a paint brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, we were ready to learn how to paint! I have to admit I was a little nervous at first, I don’t paint and I’m not artistic, but I was hopeful!It doesn’t matter what level painter you are – beginner or advanced – this class is super fun and the instructors show you what to do step by step. The best part of the night was how much fun we had.

The Urban Art bar is such a cool and creative idea, similar to paint night, but not at a bar. It’s a fun twist on traditional art classes. I mean, what could be better than sipping wine, laughing with friends and painting! Here you can even bring your own food – maybe a little cheese and crackers to go with that wine? One group of girls ordered catering and had it delivered; smart! I would recommend bringing finger foods, something easy to eat in between brush strokes, such as cheese and crackers, hummus, crackers, chips.

So how does it work? For $35 you get 3 hours of instruction, supplies and a glass of wine or beer. For 2 more days only, you can get it for $18 by buying this deal from RueLaLa.com . But hurry, this deal ends on Sunday at midnight! Even without the deal it would be worth the $35, you would spend that, or more, in a night out drinking anyways!

Check out the Calender to pick a painting that piques your interest, and sign up for the class with your girlfriends (you could bring your boyfriend along, but trust me this is way more fun with the girls!).

Everyone’s painting will turn out different, funny right? You might get a little frustrated at times, but just put down your brush, walk away, grab a drink from the bar, relax, and keep painting. And just remember HAVE FUN!

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