Product Review: Good Boy Organics Yellow Barn Pasta Sauces

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Yellow Barn is a product line from Good Boy Organics that features pasta sauces, tomato concentrate and puree that are biodynamic certified.

There are only 6 ingredients in Yellow Barn Biodynamic® Pasta Sauces, and everything but the salt is grown on Demeter® certified Biodynamic® farms. Salt actually can’t be Biodynamic®, or even organic, for that matter. Why? Because salt is a mineral, not an agricultural product, and the USDA has not created a standard for it at this time. But that doesn’t stop it from being delicious—sea salt, harvested from evaporated seawater, has more good minerals and is lower in the ones that can make other salt taste bad.


So what is this Biodynamic I keep talking about? Biodynamic farming is a holistic agricultural system that creates vibrant, diverse and self-sustaining ecosystems— it’s also a potent movement for new thinking and practices in all aspects of life connected to food and agriculture.

Basically this means that all the ingredients come from farms that are sustainable, organic, and holistically managed to allow a self-sustaining ecosystem. The tomatoes are harvested at the peak of ripeness and jarred within six hours of picking; using minimal ingredients and processing to yield fresh, flavorful, and sustainable sauces.

Good Boy Organics Pasta Sauce

Good Boy Organics Yellow Barn sauces are available in four tasty varieties including Tomato Basil, Puttanesca, Arrabbiata, and Roasted Eggplant. Each one has a unique and fresh flavor, unlike anything I have tried before. These pasta sauces are made with only all natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients and are certified gluten free.


It was easy to tell that high quality ingredients were used when making these sauces; all four were delicious and unbelievably fresh.

We tried the Arrabbiata first. I had no idea what Arrabbiata meant. I didn’t even think about. I was not expecting it to be spicy but boy was I wrong! This sauce is SPICY. So after my initial shock, I googled, Arrabbiata, and this is the definition I found:

“A spicy sauce for pasta made from garlic, tomatoes, and red chili peppers cooked in olive oil. “Arrabbiata” literally means “angry” in Italian, and the name of the sauce is due to the heat of the chili peppers.”

I wish I had known this before taking a big bite of sauce! The sauce was incredibly spicy but it was also extremely flavorful. I liked it but I just couldn’t handle the heat. Jeremy on the other hand, can tolerate spice a lot better than me, and loved this sauce.

Homemade meatballs with Yellow Barn Arrabiata Pasta Sauce
Homemade meatballs with Yellow Barn Arrabiata Pasta Sauce

The Roasted Eggplant is made with real eggplant. I thought it was delicious and had enough flavor that you really didn’t need anything else; just this sauce and pasta was enough. The eggplant sauce was noticeably thicker than the other sauces.

The Puttanesca is also really tasty. The garlic, red pepper, capers and whole olives give it lots of extra flavor. It is both tangy and salty and pairs nicely with pasta and fish dishes.

Yellow Barn sauces are thinner than pasta sauces I am accustomed to using. The second ingredient in each sauce is olive oil, which I think plays a part in the thinness. BUT this really didn’t bother me. I was so impressed with the flavors and quality of the sauces. I’m just mentioning this for those of you who enjoy and would expect a thick sauce.

Good Boy Organics Tomato Purée or Concentrate

Good Boy Organics purees and concentrates are made with fresh, ripe tomatoes grown on Demeter-certified biodynamic farms. I plan on making tomato bisque or chili soon with these products, so stay tuned for more to come!

Yellow Barn products are available to buy at retail locations throughout the country. In Massachusetts you can find Yellow Barn sauces at natural food stores, select Whole Foods, Market Basket, Wegmans, Stop & Shop and a number of other locations. For a complete list, click here. Yellow barn sauces are also sold on

Good Boy Organics was founded in 2012, and is dedicated to providing delicious, healthy products that are USDA Certified Organic and verified by the Non-GMO Project.  In addition to their Yellow Barn line they carry a line of baked organic potato snacks (BOPS), baked organic corn snacks (Organicasaurus). Check out my other review here.

Disclaimer: I received these products for free to sample and review for my blog.  I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

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