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Premium Organic Tiger Nuts Review

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Well here’s a shocker, Tiger Nuts are actually NOT nuts, they are a tuber that grows below the ground’s surface. They have all of the nutrients and energy benefits of nuts and then some, but without the stuff that can adversely affect allergies.

They are packed with fiber, vitamins and nutrients, and deliver a serious dose of energy. And because they have so much fiber, they make you feel full, which of course helps curb your appetite.


Tiger Nuts are probably the “Healthiest ‘single source’ snack food on the market“, and they have been that way for over 4000 years. Tiger nuts grow only in certain parts of the globe where the climate and soil are perfect, and these Tiger Nuts come from the very best soil and growing conditions anywhere in the world and that’s Valencia on the eastern coast of Spain; one of my favorite places (and where I spent a semester abroad). Just for the record, the other big area where Tiger Nuts are grown and consumed is Nigeria.

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Tiger Nuts are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free
  • Allergens Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • High in Fiber – about 33%
  • Have zero trans fat
  • Low in Calories & Fats, High in Nutrition and taste great too!

I recently tried the new Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts.These organic tiger nuts are already peeled. The outer skin is removed, making them ready to eat out of the bag.


Tiger Nuts are about the size of a pea, hence their name. They have a woody and nutty taste similar to coconuts, that gets sweeter as you chew. I’m actually eating some right now, as I write this post. I just threw a few in my mouth to chew on. That’s what you do with these, you chew. It’s somewhat unexpected the first time you eat them; I was expecting something harder like a nut. I have to admit I was not a fan at first, but the second and time I tried tiger nuts, they grew on me and I really liked them.

Tiger Nuts have the all-natural benefits that come from a food that has grown without pesticides, have a naturally sweet taste that makes them ideal for diabetics, people who are lactose intolerant, and those who have digestive problems. And since they are a Tuber, it makes them Vegan, but taste like a nut.They are also perfect for people who want a healthy food that will seriously do them good while acting as an appetite suppressant at the same time.

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If you are into heath and well-being, paleo, working out, can read the back label of a pack, struggle with celiac, diabetes, weight loss (they curb your appetite) and are generally looking for a snack that will hold you over to the next meal, then you should absolutely give these tasty, and healthy, nuts a try.

Can you purchase Tiger Nuts online for $5.99 for a 5 oz bag (2 for $10.99) or $13.99 for a 12 oz bag (2 for $23.99). You can also find Tiger Nuts in specialty health food stores—Cambridge Natural Foods, and Good Health Natural Foods in Quincy and Hingham are the only locations within 25 miles of Boston. For a complete list of retail locations, check out the store locator.


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