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Today I want to introduce to you a brand called  Natural Sins. Natural Sins is a small Costa Rican company which manufactures healthy snacks made from fruits & vegetables and commercializes them in the North and Central American Countries.Natural Sins is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of healthy food products where high quality, freshness, and innovation are the common denominators.

Natural Sins healthy snacks are made with fresh fruits or vegetables, and using only two natural ingredients, create the most perfect and delicious snack! Using proprietary methods, they’ve maintained shape, color, smell and taste of the fresh fruit or vegetable, yet making it crispy; resulting in a unique natural product like no other.


At Natural Sins, they also believe that a person’s health is principally based on nutrition and they try to deliver this message through their company. The fruit thins are 100% natural, they are carefully sliced and baked to preserve the original shape, smell, color and flavor. Only 2 ingredients are involved: fresh fruit or vegetables + cane sugar. Natural Sins’ slices are 100% natural; they are very thin fruit slices which are carefully sliced and baked until reaching their unique crispiness and keeping the fresh fruit flavor; these are some of the characteristics that differentiate Natural Sins from competitors.


Flavors include:

  • Crispy coconut this
  • Crispy beetroot thins
  • Crispy apple thins
  • Crispy mango thins
  • Crispy pineapple thins
  • Crispy orange thins

I recently had the opportunity to try many of the flavors and I was very impressed, and I have to say my favorite is the beetroot thins. Unlike other dried fruit snacks, these are actually healthy and tasty. They are not too sweet and do not leave a chemical aftertaste in my mouth. I could really taste the fresh fruit/vegetable flavors. I loved the crunchiness and any of these chips make a great (and healthier) substitute for chips.

Natural Sins are gluten free, vegan, fat free (except for the coconut), sodium free (except for the apple), non-GMO, and 100% natural, therefore, they do not contain any type of preservative, artificial coloring or artificial flavor.

Mango Thin Nutritional Information
Crispy Mango Thins Nutritional Information

Natural Sins are available in the U.S. and Canada. You can purchase Natural Sins in 12-packs on Amazon
for as little as $29.

Natural Sins was acknowledged by PROCOMER (Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica) as the most innovative company in Costa Rica’s food industry, winning an award during the 2012 BTM Awards. Additionally, it was nominated by CADEXCO (Costa Rican Chamber of Exporters) for the 2012 Export Effort (Esfuerzo Exportador) award and was awarded with the PYME Exportadora by the MEIC (Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Comercio) for being one of the small companies that has made great efforts in a professional way to start exporting their products.

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  1. these sound really good! I don’t like freeze dried that much, but do like dried fruits. Nice choices, I would like to try these!

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