MEET A NEW FAMILY OF TUNA -Tonnino’s offers a better tuna for a better you


Tonnino Gourmet is bringing a new kind of tuna to your family’s table—100% yellowfin fillets, caught in the wild and jarred by hand, dolphin-safe, rich in Omega-3s with low mercury levels. Available in seven delicious varieties of flavor, each contains only the finest cuts of tuna for exceptional appearance, texture, and taste you can enjoy straight out of the jar. Once you realize just how tasty tuna is supposed to be, there’ll be no going back to the can.

It’s been a staple in the American pantry: drained albacore, punched up with some mayo and seasoning for classic salads, sandwiches, and casseroles. But now there is a more sophisticated way to enjoy tuna, as Tonnino is tempting taste buds and bringing foodies everywhere to change their tune. Tonnino Premium yellowfin tuna features innovative flavors and high quality ingredients, combined to make a delicious and healthy product not to be missed. Each distinct in taste and personality.


Tonnino classic, Italian-style, yellowfin is soaked in the purest olive oil and perfectly adapts to your favorite recipes. For an even fresher flavor, Tonnino low-fat fillets are submerged in spring water to spruce up any salad, a perfect addition to any healthy diet. For a more Italian experience, Tonnino fillets with oregano in olive oil offers a blend of delicious tropically-grown herbs and spices, ideal for pasta and pizza—and perfect on its own, as well. With its flirtatious hint of spice, our tuna fillets with jalapeno in olive oil will make your palate blush and bring any Mexican dish to life. Another Mediterranean delight, Tonnino gourmet tuna fillets with garlic in olive oil is deliciously versatile. The addition of capers takes things to another level, perfect for spreading on a bagel or instant canapés.

I bring lunch to work almost everyday. Tonnino Tuna over greens was delicious, healthy, and satisfying.

As people are learning to taste with their palate and their conscience, becoming increasingly aware of where their food comes from and that its production is socially and environmentally responsible, Tonnino wants to know that it’s safe. Tonnino can certify and guarantee that fishing has not harmed any other species, only selecting small sized yellowfin tuna with low levels of mercury. Hand packed in glass jars for quality you can see and taste, Tonnino offers convenience without sacrificing sophistication. Can the idea of canned tuna and try Tonnino! Tonnino ($7.99) is available nationwide at Whole Foods, Fairway, Central Market, Wegmans, etc. Click here to find a retail location nearest you. 

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I was not paid to write this review.

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I've been on a gluten free diet since January 2009. It's been an adventure, and a challenge at times. I love to go to new restaurants and try new foods, and being gluten free can make eating out difficult at times. But I will not let my dietary restrictions get in my way of finding new restaurants and products. These are my stories of being a young women in a big city, eating out and trying new foods, all while NOT eating gluten. Like I said, it's an adventure and you are welcome to come along... Please note that as I try to eat gluten free 100% of the time, my intolerance is not as severe as others so please use caution when dining at restaurants that are not certified gluten free.

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  1. Sounds like a great brand. I like that it has lower mercury levels. We have tuna salads at least once a week.

  2. Is this truly gluten free? Their packages used to have the warning that they were packaged in a facility that processed wheat, but now the warning disappeared w/o any new label indicating that this is gluten free. It seems a little fishy but it may be that they have changed where they package the product. I will need to double check and I suggest other people with true gluten issues do as well.

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