Gluten Free & Dairy Free Chicken Enchiladas

These dairy and gluten free enchiladas are more flavorful and satisfying than any traditional enchiladas I’ve tasted! This recipe is a new favorite in our house— we actually used this same recipe to make a Mexican lasagna a few nights ago.


  • 12 Corn Tortillas or gluten free flour tortillas
  • 1.5 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 2 Tablespoons Mexican Seasoning Blend*
  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 bell peppers, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 8 oz. canned, chopped green chiles
  • 4 oz. canned sliced black olives
  • 16 oz. jar enchilada sauce
  • Chopped fresh cilantro

*Mexican Seasoning Blend is made with chili peppers, garlic, onion, paprika, cumin, celery seed, oregano, and cayenne. If you do not have this seasoning, you can substitute with fajita seasoning or try to recreate it using the individual spices.


  1. Rinse the chicken breasts and pat dry. Season with salt, pepper and Mexican seasoning. Place in the slow cooker and add the chicken broth. Cook on low for 6 hours. Once cooled, shred the chicken breasts with a fork and set aside. *If you don’t want to use a slow cooker then brown the chicken in a skillet over medium high heat, about 7 minutes per side.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a casserole pan.
  3. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. Add the olive oil, onion, bell peppers (I used yellow and orange), and garlic. Sauté until tender. Add the chiles, olives, Mexican seasoning, and chicken. Cook for 1 minute then remove from heat.
  4. Pour some of the enchilada sauce into a shallow bowl. Dip a tortilla into the sauce, then place ½ cup of the chicken filling in a line down the middle. Wrap the enchilada and place into the prepared pan, seam side down. Repeat with the remaining tortillas and filling, then pour the remaining sauce over the enchiladas.
  5. Bake for 20 minutes. Serve with chopped cilantro.


Not all of our enchiladas were easy to serve. We don’t know if they fell apart due to the lack of cheese or overstuffing the small tortillas. Nevertheless, as messy as these were, they were delicious and a new favorite!





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I've been on a gluten free diet since January 2009. It's been an adventure, and a challenge at times. I love to go to new restaurants and try new foods, and being gluten free can make eating out difficult at times. But I will not let my dietary restrictions get in my way of finding new restaurants and products. These are my stories of being a young women in a big city, eating out and trying new foods, all while NOT eating gluten. Like I said, it's an adventure and you are welcome to come along... Please note that as I try to eat gluten free 100% of the time, my intolerance is not as severe as others so please use caution when dining at restaurants that are not certified gluten free.

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  1. Oh, this looks too yummy, especially since I have not had any enchiladas in a good while. I might try making some soon.

  2. I’ve made many Mexican dishes, but not enchiladas. This looks like a perfect one to start with, it looks soo good it may be the best ever!!!

  3. Yum! These look awesome, thanks for the recipe! I just found a greek sheep cheese that tastes like Queso Fresco, I’ve been wanting to make something Mexican-y with it, these are perfect!

  4. These would be great! I can have dairy so I’ll put cheese in them and on them.

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