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IMG_3123Welcome to Gluten Free Boston and Beyond!

Hi! My name is Jessica. I have been living gluten free since January 2009. I’ve learned a lot in the past few years. It’s been an adventure, and a challenge at times. I love to go to new restaurants and try new foods, and being gluten free can make eating out difficult. When I first moved to Boston there was no one website I could go to to find restaurants with gluten free menus or that were gluten free friendly. I would read reviews and search endlessly every time I wanted to eat out. After a while I was compiling a nice list and decided to make it public. From there, my ideas grew, to include reviews of my dining experiences, products and sharing my favorite recipes. I spent the last two years in NYC and now I am back in Boston! Follow me as I explore the city and find the best gluten free eats in and around Boston!

Like I said, it’s an adventure and you are welcome to come along….

Questions or comments? Would you like to advertise with me? Would you like your restaurant or products to be featured in a review or giveaway? Please feel free to contact me at jessica.dennis2 (at) gmail (dot) com.


Simply Gluten Free Magazine, Featuring Boston (pages 70-75), January/February 2015 issue
Delight Gluten Free Magazine, Interview, September 18, 2014
Smart Lunches Interview, June 23, 2014
Jessica of Gluten Free Boston Girl Talks Gluten Free Living, Taste Guru, June 2, 2014


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  1. Long time friend, first time visitor. I LOVE what you’re doing here. Keep up the good work. I am pretty close to gluten free also. Miss ya, love ya babe.

  2. Hi! I was sitting at the Blue Eye Crab in Plymouth and was discussing my gluten intolerance with the server. Sitting next to me was your father, he told me about your site and I am glad I found it.

    1. small world!! I am starting to branch out to include other parts on MA in my restaurant list – any favorites in Plymouth/South Shore I should add?

      P.S. I LOVE blue eyed crab they have the best salas and sauces for fish

  3. This is super helpful! Thank you for doing this.

    Thought I would mention – Out of the Blue in Davis Square, Somerville is a fantastic option – really good food and they are super careful about gluten free food prep. They also have gluten free pasta as a substitute, which means that those eating gluten-free can eat nearly everything on the menu.

    Also, P.F. Changs…not so accommodating. I have a gluten allergy and a few other allergies, and had a really terrible experience there. Though they have a gluten free menu their staff, kitchen, and managers seemed to know absolutely nothing about allergies and were not able to figure out how to substitute anything. I ended up eating steamed vegetables and leaving hungry – awful!

    Thanks again – I’m sure I’ll use this frequently!

    1. Hi Sarah – thanks for the tip, Out of the Blue sounds good I will have to try it!
      I have never been to P.F. Changs and that’s very upsetting to hear. Usually chains – Legals, Joe’s – have great GF policies in place and all managers and kitchen staff know their stuff. If you haven’t been you should try Joe’s pizza !

  4. Hi Jessica! I’m not sure if you still update this site; but I am visiting Boston this weekend and looking for your opinion on the best north end italian restaurant that has the best gluten free options?

    Hope to hear back from you!

    1. Hi Brianna,

      My favorite restaurants in the North End are Antico Forno (great GF pasta), Beneventos (GF pasta and really good pizza), Rabias (great seafood), and Nico. If you go to this link and scroll down to the North End section you will find a complete list of restauants, as well as links to the GF menus for the ones I just mentioned and some reviews. Modern Pastry and Lulu’s both have GF desserts – I love Modern!!

      I hope you have a great trip to Boston!

  5. Heading to Boston for a weekend in Nov to see the Bruins vs. the Leafs. Is there anywhere in Boston to find gluten free chicken and waffles?!

    1. Hi Jenn – At the TD center there are a few GF options. They have wine, GF beer, and cider. There is one ‘restaurant’, the Club Grille, on the upper floor that has GF options (burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and hot dogs with fries). It’s expensive so I usually eat before I go.

  6. What a cool blog! Jessica is more like a well-informed neighbor sharing tips and reviews, than some of these other self-proclaimed experts talking down to us on their blogs. The whole tone of the site is like a friend that shares a common interest and I appreciate that immensely. The Roasted Red Potato Salad (I only use 1 tsp of Dijon) is a family favorite of ours, and I’m often asked to bring it to potlucks. The Spanish Omelet is a new favorite and has been a huge hit with the kids.

    I love the pictures, both of the finished products and as the cooking progresses.

    Sadly, I do have one issue with the blog 😉 The dessert recipes are too good and we tend to eat the whole thing in one night. My old GF recipes (and you could def tell they were GF) would last us a week, trying to choke down presto-log cookies.

    Keep up the good work Jessica, and I hope you realize how much you are appreciated.

    Peace, Lihn

    1. I would love to try your cupcakes – I just checked out the website and they look delicious! I am sending you an email now. – Jessica

    1. Hi Isara,

      Thank you so so much for the nomination!! It was great brunching with you this past year and reading your blog. I hope you enjoy your new adventures in San Francisco. I am heading out to San Fransisco/Berkeley next week, if you have any restaurant recommendations I would love to hear them! thanks – Jessica

  7. Jessica,
    Very nice site, especially for those of us living gluten free in the Boston area.
    Wondering if you have heard about or tried my DEDICATED Gluten Free, Fair Trade, GMO Free, Hormone Free, Woman Owned Ice Cream: Susan’s Ice Cream Essentials. You can find my super premium pints at ALL Roche Bros. locations and about 25 Shaws/Star Markets inside the 128 belt. My ice cream is also available in Big Y and other locations listed on my website. This Sunday (1/19) I’ll be sampling my flavors at Star Market Porter Square from 1-4. On Saturday (2/1) I’ll be sampling my flavors at Star Market Chestnut Hill from 10-1. (February 1st is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day). Maybe you can swing by and try my GF Double Fudge Brownie Ice Cream. Sincerely, Susan

    1. Hi Susan,

      I have not tried your ice cream yet, but it sounds right up my alley!! I will try to make it to one of the samplings!

  8. Jessica,
    Your website is wonderful. I am also gluten intolerant. I love all the information you have posted. I just want to add a very good restaurant. It’s Burton’s Grill, a small chain, but all meals are made from scratch. I know there is one in Westford, No. Andover, and Nashua. They are very careful and the meals are delicious. I also wanted to mention Authentic Foods Flour. I use it all the time and my baked goods come out wonderful.

  9. Hi Jessica! I am SO glad I found your blog. Eating in the city can be tough and when I look up restaurants online they don’t necessarily say they offer GF even though they do! I was hoping you knew of places where I can get a gluten free bagel. I know I can go to the grocery store and buy a bag, but I am more looking for a place where I can go buy a single bagel with cream cheese, or a breakfast bagel. It is absolute torture! Thanks and looking forward to your feedback.

  10. HHello Jessica. I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I work as a marketing manager for a brewery called FREDBIER, specializing in gluten-free beer. Our beer is a Pilsen, made with barley malt and German hops, and has been praised by celiac and intolerant people in general. As soon as we are exporting our product to USA we will inform you. Congratulations on your blog!

  11. Hi Jessica
    I found your site doing a search for Moxie glass straws. I have some from years back which I love and need more. The links you give don’t work, do you know if the company is still in business? The ones I have are ‘pinched’ at the end, and no company I’ve found offers them this way.

    Sorry if this is ‘off topic’!

    Thank you!! ~ Liza

  12. I’m a New York City based naturopathic doctor and was wondering if your readers might be interested in an event I’m hosting next month. Sunday March 11 we are having a gluten-free pizza making workshop with Italian chef Roberto Caporuscio. He created his own blend of organic gluten-free flour imported from Italy and has one of the only gluten-free dedicated pizza ovens in New York City. This event is for adults and children.

    Here is this link for more information

    Be well,

    Dr Ivy

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